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About Ayumi


2018 - 2020

The fictional video is about the murder of the camgirl Ayumi. Through the words of her colleagues, friends and clients the video try to understand what’s happened to her.

Seven actors and actresses ,found on Instagram with an open call, were free to use their imagination and create their own Ayumi. Together they created an ambivalent, restless and controversial character. The process of the creation of Ayumi through other’s imagination and words is similar somehow to the creation of the internet by the users: given a base, people with different interest, personality and ideas create their own little part of the more wide internet with its language and peculiarity in a continuous  controversial aspect. Ayumi is, in some way, made of the same substance of the internet.

In the end the work is an exploration of the connection between humans through the internet and digital. The coldness of the digital mitigated by the warmness of sex is linked with loneliness and necessity of real feelings of our time. This cold (but somehow warm) interaction that digital create could be a way to dismiss our deep loneliness.

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