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My dear old internet friends



During my exploration of digital and internet possibilities on human interaction I decided to contact a part of my old internet friends and ask them if they want to meet.

Through internet we connect and interact, realizing important friendship that leave a mark in our life. Sometimes we didn’t give the right importance to this connection that we create. With my old internet friends I created the first part of my life as a human in the normal environment but also in the digital environment, realizing the importance of communication and of creation of a digital space. In the thread of my work the only missing aspect was my past on the internet and my first steps that helps me realizing the creative importance of internet. From my 11 years old to my 17 I frequently used blogs and forums and only after I realized that for all of us, me and my old friends, that was the way to express our feelings and our necessity.

Internet is a tool for exploring the world and ourselves and the connection that we created thanks to it are important because they told us how to correctly use the non-human collaboration in order to create sincere friendship around the world (and time).

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