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Dinner together

IG streaming performance


The work is an instagram streaming performance with my friend and artist Thomas Alburquerque, that face the problem of physical distance in the digital friendship. Digital and internet build another type of space for developing friendship : cold and distant, is full of interesting ways for keeping in touch but at the same time its create many problems in sharing the simplest things of a friendship. Eating together seems complicated in the cold and distant internet life. Through the new possibilities of the internet, me and my friend try to enjoy a simple moment of friendship sharing a dinner together. The power of streaming performance is in the capacity of creating another level of space in which people can collaborate and participate to the action. Not only me and my friend share a dinner together, but actually we share it with our followers-friends and they share their dinner with us. This power of connection and creating many levels behind only one action, give to the human relationships a new possibility of growing.

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